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Meet the Team


Nicole Agius, CPCN 

Director , Founder & Nutritionist

"Through my studies, I've developed recipes suitable for dogs and cats of all ages and health conditions. When meeting me for the first time, expect me to inquire about your pet, guiding you towards the best raw diet tailored to your individual pet, regardless of their age or medical issues. My two beloved companions - Ollie & Benji, and I are inseparable. Betty was and will always be in my heart. I take pride in my work, showcasing a strong commitment to detail. I ensure that every recipe is meticulously followed, leaving no room for deviation."

Clifton Azzopardi

Head of Deliveries 

"I have a rescued Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Teddy. I ensure that deliveries are promptly prepared and sent out on time, maintaining a consistently cold temperature in the van. Whenever you encounter me, whether at the shop or during deliveries, you can always expect to see a smile on my face, ensuring the best possible customer experience.

Image by Izabelly Marques

Lucy Rose 

Head of Design & Retail

"I own a Cavalier King Charles named Ella. My love for Cavaliers began when I brought Ella home. Working at Betty's allows my artistic side to flourish, as I meticulously ensure that all designs truly stand out. Additionally, I take great care to educate every customer on the importance of holistic remedies, guiding them toward the best natural options to ensure their dogs or cats live happy, healthy lives."



Service with a Smile 2023

2nd Place 

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